Timeline of Church Street

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By Patricia Fallon

Roman Times   Edgware Road

1086               Domesday book

1684               Yorkshire Stingo first mentioned in rate book

1745               Use Rocque’s Map

1757               New road (Marylebone Road), laid out

1772-1840       Bentinck Chapel, Chapel Street

1783               Hangings stop at Tyburn, (where Marble Arch now stands)

1813-1829       Queen Charlotte’s Hospital opened at Lisson Grove Manor House

1820                Regent’s Canal

1825                Christ Church consecrated

1829                George Shillibeer operates the first English omnibus, stored at the Yorkshire Singo

1830                Western General Dispensary founded

1830                Portman Market

1830/1-1950’s    Aenon Baptist Chapel

1836                Royal Apollo Saloon opened

1838                St Paul’s

1850                Hospital for Invalid Gentlewomen opened, later known as Florence Nightingale Hospital

1852                Christ Church, Bentinck Primary School opened

1853                St Matthew

1863                Metropolitan Railway world’s first underground station

1865-1956        St Barnabas, Bell Street

1885                Criminal Justice Bill

1886                Octavia Hill invited to manage Christ Church buildings

1887                Gateforth School

1899                Marylebone station opened

1900                Vestry system abolished. Marylebone Borough and Church Street Ward created

1904                Nightingale Street Buildings, Salisbury Street

1906                St Marylebone Health Society formed

1909                Church Street Market opened

1924                Fisherton Street Estate completed

1926                St Marylebone Housing Association formed by Mrs Cicely Davies

1926                LCC began building the Lilestone Estate

1928                 Foundation stone for the Salisbury Street Estate

1934                Wilcove Estate

1939-1945        World War II

1949                Church Street Estate

1960-1             North Westminster Community School

1965                City of Westminster re-organised, absorbs the Borough of Marylebone

1967                Church Street Library built

1967                Cockpit Theatre opened

1975                Lisson Green Estate

1975-77           Orchardson Street Estate

1976                Glarus Court built

1976                Alfie’s Antique Market



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Comments about this page

Before Alfie's Antique Market was there it was Jordan's and you could get children's clothes and furniture on the book. Many families used this shop and it was greatly missed.

By Marie Baker
On 24/03/2011

When my mother left school her first job was at Jordan's. She was just fourteen at the time, her name was Dorothy Smith.

By Jean Powell
On 29/06/2012

According to the 1911 census my great grandfather, his wife and daughter lived in Nightingale building. So now I know it was a fairly new block of flats.

By Barbara
On 29/11/2012

I was born in Ashmill Street in 1923 and my Mum shopped in Jordan's a lot. My Grandad Jack Clancy had a stall in Church Street Market, I went to Cosway Street School, then Regents Park Central School.

By Peggy Carpenter (nee Crooks)
On 29/11/2012

I also worked in Jordan's on Saturdays, in the shoe department. O god ole fashioned store - weekly payments!

By Ann Metcalfe
On 07/01/2013

My parents and my uncle both lived in Nightingale Buildings. Marylebone Station opened the year my grandad was born. He worked all his working life at Marylebone Station.

By Gillian Waters
On 31/01/2013

My Uncle George Clancy also worked at Marylebone Station in the thirties until he died at the age of just 56.

By Peggy Carpenter
On 16/05/2013

My nan and granddad Lou and Jim Baker used to live opposite Jordans in No 24 Church Street. We kids used to go into the basement dept in Jordans and play Hide and Seek in the rolls of linoleum until we got thrown out. It was a lovely old shop, when you purchased something the money was taken away in containers to the cashier and your change was returned in the same way. The assistant never handled the transactions and of course no credit cards then, only Providence cheques.

By valerie Jean Fletcher nee Miller
On 18/01/2014

My Mother always shopped at Jordan's and I recall her knowing the staff by their Christian names. I remember buying a table about 1950 that has only just been disguarded on moving to Wales.

By David Paget
On 04/07/2014

My grandad was born in 1898 at 26 Christ Church Buildings, Marylebone. Does anyone know what happened to these buildings? They seem to have been managed by Octavia Hill.

By Judy Cachart
On 12/08/2015

My mum and dad, Kit and Den Sparrow used to run the pub The Harp in Church Street Market.  Sadly they have both passed away but I would love to hear of anyone who may of known them or visited the pub as The Harp.

By Karen Coffey
On 08/02/2017

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