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City of Westminster Archive Centre

Church Street remembers!

By Tim Devitt

Church Street Memories

Church Street is a vibrant and cultural area with a renowned market and antique heritage. We are trying to capture this heritage through the living memories of those who have made Church Street their home.

If you are interested in running a local history group in the area for the benefit of gathering the history of the community then please contact Church Street Library on (020) 7641 1300. We are interested in hearing from people who would like to share photographs, stories and oral histories on our website in order to connect past and present residents so creating a legacy for the future of the community.


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Comments about this page

What a delight it would be to sit in on one of your meetings, to listen to the stories and memories of Church St. Times past but not to be forgotten hopefully. I have such vivid memories of my Saturday afternoons 'up Church Street Market' from The Prince of Wales Harrow Road via the 228 trolley bus.....for a dish of luverly cockles on that smashing stall of Mr. Stubbs or, was it Stibbs? Cor, could I go for a couple of those dishes right now, HA.

By Mary Davis Madsen
On 26/10/2010

Oh yes I would be there in a shot if I could. I would luv to live in them flats right opposite the market, so many good memories of growing up around there and our Saturday market day... made my mouth water when Mary mentioned the cockles..mm...oh how I miss our old way of life...

By Pat Roberts
On 30/10/2010

Spent many an hour in the market and have vivid memories of my mum stopping and chatting when it was raining. The sound of the rain on the stall tarpaulin and and the dripping on your head still stay with me today and come flooding (sorry!) back when I'm in a similar situation!

By Ann Metcalfe
On 27/07/2011

Wish I could join you all but living so far away in Lincolnshire now its difficult to get to London. I love researching my own family history, mainly from the marylebone and paddington areas.

By sue ault
On 22/08/2011

I was in London recently and of course went to Church Street Market - it seemed the same yet different - The antique end seemed a lot posher with many more antique shops - also I wish I hadn't gone to Edgware Road to look for the ice-cream parlour which had GONE! Such a shame...what a lovely building that was...and I seemed to remember you chose your ice-cream and they cut it and put it in a block for you! Those LOVELY ice-cream sodas on a hot afternoon....and WHY is the west side of Edgware Road STILL undeveloped!!! We walked miles and miles....St. John's Wood...Regent's Park...right over to Primrose Hill...The next day we walked to Sutherland Avenue and 1st to 6th Avenue...over the bridge to Golbourne Road...Pie and Mash at Portobello....all the way to Notting Hill...HONEST!!!! Fabulous time!

By Ann Metcalfe
On 02/03/2012

Lovely reading about Chocolate Joes. I lived in Ashbridge Street next door to Jordans. I also remember Maggies Groceries a few doors down from Chocolate Joes. My granddad had a second-hand shop in Penfold Street opposite Peter Keevil.

By Janet Baker nee Harris
On 17/01/2014

Must show this to my parents, John and Jo Wall(Pearce). I can recall them talking about the Metcalf Family. I was 11 when we moved from Miles Building. I went to Christchurch School. Church Street was the best place ever. My sister Jackie would send me every Saturday to buy myself a hot dog and her an apple fritter. My nan worked for many years in the Co-op. Miss those warm friendly days, people never had much but life was great. Playing out in the courtyards, run-outs, knock down ginger, tin tan tally man and ball up the wall. What characters in those days. I can think of sure names such as Boyle, Neil, Fitchett (they had a shop in Bell Street, Harris, Hillborne. I would be sent to get paraffin for the heater, would we do that now? I can still smell the wood from the wood yard, that was next to the undertakers. I could go on and on..........


By Frances Walshe
On 01/07/2015

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