Mary Shine

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Market trader remembers

By Patricia Fallon

Mary Shine is a resident of Church Street and for thirty years was a trader on its stalls. She has retired since 2005 but was happy to chat to us about her life as a trader.

Her parents were both originally from Ireland and many of her memories are tied up in the Irish community of the area. She spent some time back in Ireland during World War II and later in her teenage years. She has fond memories of this time and feels she has a strong Irish identity.

She raised her children while working on her stall and speaks of days when her children would be in the pram while she sold her goods. She admits that life on the stalls was hard and is proud that her children and grandchildren have achieved so much in life.

Mary spoke of the changes in the market over the last thirty years and how she sees the future with all its change. She hopes there will always be a market spirit in the area and that the community will always appreciate it.


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