Suttle family in Church Street approx 1900

By Sophie Flynn

Amelia Sarah Suttle, my great grandmother, a dressmaker living in Church street in 1901. Born in  1883 in Marylebone, her mother a widow at 49, a hat maker and her father recently deceased a horse keeper.

I would be interested in anyone who knew them or of them, I realise we're going back a century here. So this may well be difficult. 

I'm using this site to get a feel of what life was like for my ancestors during this time. So far I'm hugely impressed.

My nan is still around and any information surrounding her mothers life in Church street would be hugely appreciated.

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My grandmother was Elizabeth McGrath (nee Coucher). She was born 1883 and my dad was born in 1906. They are both long gone, but my dad used to tell me stories about people who lived in Marylebone and it seemed like everyone knew each other and everyone looked out for each other.  The market moved in 1907 to its present site of Church Street. Previously it was in Portman Square.  I remember him telling me about parties with someone playing the piano and various pubs.  I also remember the story that if any of the wealthy people of Hamilton Terrace or thereabout were unwell they'd have to put down straw to make sure there wasn't too much noise from the horse and carts on the cobbled streets.  Some of the streets disappeared after the war eg North Street - and during WW1 my granddad was away at war (France) and the sending of mail was set up in Regent's Park and letters to and from France would take 2 days (pretty remarkable) might take longer to actually reach who it was for - but amazing none the less. Regards

By Kim McDonnell (McGrath)
On 02/12/2020

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