Memories of Dan Kelly

By Dan Kelly

My earliest memories of Church Street are the Coronation street party, I also fondly remember Mini Mays where you could buy anything from paraffin to bread all in the same shop which was very small.

BHS (British Home Stores) in Edgware Road was a favourite because we would go to the back of the shop which was in Miles Buildings and with an old coathanger lift the empty coke bottles out through the railings and then take them in the front of BHS (British Home Stores) to get the penny back on them.

Great times ......

I also remember Mr Metcalfe, who had a bike repair shop in Penfold Street ...nice bloke.

I also remember a guy who bought scrap including old newspapers.We would try to get more money by slipping roof tiles inside but he always knew. He had a gromit in his throat that he spoke through so he must have had an op for throat cancer.

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Hi Dan,

My Name is Michael Wilson, lived in Wyatt House, Orchardson Street. Are you the Danny Kelly who lived in Church Street Flats, same block as The Dillon Family?

I remember Mr Metcalfe well, I used to get my bike fixed. Also the old newspaper guy, Bell's fish & chip shop, the pubs (Harp, Admiral,Duke of York, Phoenex etc).

I worked in Murray's Butchers on Saturdays then full-time for a while when i left School, also West's Butchers.

Live in Turkey now, retired after 38 years in the hotel industry, finished in 2003 in Hong Kong.

Still go back to London twice a year and always visit Church Street, different place now, but I suppose things never stay as they are.

Love to hear from you, any other guys you remember?

Take Care

Michael Wilson 











I remember Mr Metcalfe 

By Michael Wilson
On 22/10/2014

Hello Mike. Thanks for your response, I am that Dan Kelly but I lived in Wytham House. Funny you worked in West Butchers, so did I! You must have been there before me. Bert Thomas was the manager and Little Nick one of the...... I certainly remember Bells, we used to drink his vinegar, the mind boggles. Who else do you remember?

By Dan Kelly
On 19/11/2014

Hi Dan

Yes, Big Bert and little Nick (Irish) , lovely guys .

Well I used to knock about with Raymond Dillon (brothers Johnny and Terry) and Frankie Clark (brother Johnny) and lots more. I think you had a brother ?

Good old days , didn't you go to work on the fishing boats once ?

love to hear back



By Michael wilson
On 03/11/2016

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