Emily Kingham

Penfold Street 1937

By Lily Kingham

I am researching the life of my great-grandmother and her family. Emily Elsie Kingham, nee Smith, moved to Penfold Street from Cato Street (then Horace Street) in approximately 1937. She was 51 years old, and very poor.
She had four daughters: Dolly, aged 27, Lily (my grandmother), aged 24, Rene and Ann, both in their twenties. She also had two sons: George, 14, and Lawrence, 10.
Does anyone remember them?
Emily was born in Orcus Street which was demolished shortly after she was born. The father of her children, Daniel Alfred Kingham, was also born and bred in Lisson Grove, as were his parents and grandparents before him. Does anyone know of any Kinghams in Lisson Grove?
I'd be grateful for any help.

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Hi Lily, I remember in the 50s I lived in Miles Buildings. There was a sweet shop called Kinghams, just along from Miles, near Broadley Street. It was very small, just the size of a small room. They were very old to me, I was very young.

By Janet Thompson
On 05/11/2011

I remember the shop as well. I lived in Bowman's Buildings. I can remember the man in this very small shop had a bad leg with a limp. This may have been one of Kingham men. It was just a short way from Bell's chip shop. I lived there in the 50s also. My great grandparents also lived in Lisson grove. They were the Eden family, my nan was Hannah and she married Patrick Leonard.

By Eileen Trotter nee Leonard
On 14/08/2012

Hi Eileen Leonard......are you in any way related to Johnnie Leonard who I used to play football with for the Stowe Boys Club......?????? My sister Jean went to Sarah Siddons school from Regents Park round about 1960....!!!! from John Walker...Daventry Street 1943 to 1965.

By John Walker
On 12/04/2013

Would anyone remember what building or house was on Bell Street at the corner of Penfold? Is the 'Lisson Gallery' building the only one that was ever there, to your recollections? I had relatives living there (at #33 Bell) in the 1840's - 1860's. Any memories of prior structures would be most appreciated.

By Handford Cornish
On 01/07/2015

I'm only two years late with a reply to John Walker! So sorry but yes Johnnie Leonard is my brother who now lives in Carpenters Park. He married Patsy Turner who you may remember. John you may well have been one of the boys I used to have to swap my brother's comics with! I hated doing it but didn't have a choice being the little sister.

By Eileen Leonard
On 12/08/2015

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