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reg and violet waters

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The people at Number 14

By Gillian Waters

My grandparents lived at number 14 Church Street, above Jordan's bed showroom.  Their names were Reginald and Violet Waters. I don't know when they moved there but I should imagine it was around the time that Marylebone Station became an important route into London.

Grandfather worked there and worked on well into his retirement years. They had twin sons who were born in Tewin and the family moved to Church Street and my dad and his brother attended Gateforth Street School. 

You could see the school yard from Nan's kitchen. Dad went to fight in WW2 from there. My uncle was not well enough to fight so he stayed at home. We often visited our grandparents on a Saturday. We would travel up from Hertfordshire, say hi to our grandparents and then my brother and myself would go down the market together.

We would enjoy roast chestnuts, also hot apple turnovers. Robin used to love the record stall ,I must admit it was good. He would buy jossticks and I would buy the beautiful indian bracelets. We remember Grandad listening to the cricket on the radio. He was a member of the Lord's Cricket Club. He had a pipe rack, different pipes lined up. I often wonder how a small family could live in such a small flat.

My grandmother was very well known. She stood out with her tight curly red hair. In years to come I could not walk down the market without stallholders knowing who I was. I have the red hair too. I remember Jo Silver who used to sell fruit and veg. My brother recalls a stallholder named Chocolate Joe, can't place what he sold. Does anyone else remember him? I used to love the ice-cream parlour in Edgware Road too.

My mum's brother used to live in Wey House with his family. I remember staying there once and looking out of the window at the coalyard. That was Joe and Josie O'Shea. They had a large family. They moved to Huntingdon- still there today. Nan and Grandad  had to move from the flat either late 70s or early 80s when Jordan's sold the building. They moved to Balcombe Street after the siege there. Lovely memories I have of that little flat.

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Oh yes Chocolate Joe! He sold household stuff but seemed to have anything you wanted. I seem to remember it smelt of cleaning fluid of some sort. Oh and the ice-cream parlour! I have never tasted ice-cream like it! AND the ice-cream sodas!! NEVER tasted one like it since!!

By AnN Metcalfe
On 27/07/2011

My nan & grandad (Lou and Jim Baker) lived at no 24 on top of George Moores' Bike shop opposite Jordans also backing onto Gateforth Street School where my mum Elsie Baker and her sister Lil went. I was born in Lisson Grove in 1947 and remember Taylors the sweet shop up that end and my grandad's local the Duke of York . There was a youth club called the Four Feathers where the Shadows, Marty Wilde, Joe Brown and the Vernon girls used to rehearse. And Marylebone Station where the Beatles filmed Hard Days Night. I also remember the Black and White Milk bar in Edgware Road that used to sell their delicious home made icecream. I went to Christchurch Primary and then Regents Park Secondary and Sarah Siddons. I reluctanly left the area about 1965 with such fond memories of a happy childhood.

By Valerie Jean Fletcher nee Miller
On 16/08/2011

Is Gillian Waters by any chance related to Fred & Rachel Waters who used to live in Enbook Street up towards Kensal Rise?

My gran (Maud Baker) lived at 104 Broadley Street (formerly Earl Street) until her death in 1961. As kids we used to spend most weekends with her and played in Church Street, especially after the market had cleared up.

I remember Chocolate Joe, Murrays butchers and a costermonger called Joey Wonsof or something like that. There was also a little corner shop in Penfold Street called Min's where I was sent to get eggs etc. Also there was Peter Keevils who used to deliver groceries, I believe.

By Alan Baker
On 27/09/2011

Hello again. I dont know if I am related to those Waters. My grandparents lived at 14 church street above Jordans bed shop. They had twin sons Reg and Bert. Their dad worked at marylebone station.

By Gillian Waters
On 18/10/2011

I went to visit my old dad in hospital a few weeks ago where he shared a childhood memory with us. London was so quiet when he was a small boy, he remembers hearing the lions roaring in london zoo, from where they lived.

He also told us my grandfather recieved a gold watch for his service on the railway which ended at Marylebone Station.

By Gillian Waters
On 23/11/2011

My husband tells me that the ice-cream parlour was called Alfreds.

By Brenda Nally
On 02/03/2012

I am convinced my mum, Glad King nee Coles worked here. Does anyone remember her?

By Kay King
On 21/01/2013

I remember the ice cream parlour called Alfredos. I think it was this one that was used in a film as it was done out in pink and white and I think light green tiles. It was like an American soda bar it was lovely.

By Valerie Jean Fletcher nee Miller
On 17/01/2014

The Regent Milk Bar sold the best ice-cream ever owned by the two nicest people Alfred and Hooch. I had many a free cornet as a child and when I married in 1964, my husband Alfred gave me ice-cream tutti frutti cakes as a present for the reception.

On 04/03/2014

I used to live in Church Street and still crave the fantastic ice-cream at the Regent Ice Cream Parlour. Loved the way they would carefully wrap takeaway cones with wafer biscuits on take away orders. Geoff

By Geoff Hoare
On 06/08/2014

I have lovely memories of Church Street. We had friends in Kilburn and we used to come up from Bucks once a month to visit Dan Donoghes mother in the flats.

Dan was friends with Chocolate Joe and we always went back on the train loaded up. Lovely memories!



By Dorothy Poleykett
On 01/07/2015

My grandmother lived at Union Street, later Ashmill Street. Her name was Elizabeth Reeves later Reeves. Her parents were Charles and I think Sarah Reeves. Does any one remember her family?

By Sheila Doherty
On 01/07/2015

Hi, I'm researching some family history. Does anyone recognise the surname Borzoni that may have worked/ owned the Black & White Milk Bar?

By Russ Toms
On 03/11/2016

I was born in 3 Salisbury Street in 1950. My dad Roland Oliver Knight had the greengrocers shop there. My grandad also Roland Oliver Knight had three stalls outside The original Lord High Admiral, which was on the opposite corner where Eden House is now. The stalls passed to my nan Bella (Isobella) and then to my Uncle George. I went to Christ Church and then St.Marylebone Grammar. As a teenager I used to work on the stalls, rain,shine or snow. Fantastic memories. Too many to put on here today. Great site. 

By David Knight
On 03/11/2016

My dad had Abel Radio, occupied the now only standing building on the corner of Newcastle Place by Paddington Green Police Station. I can always remember walking around Church Street and because they knew my dad getting given an ice cream from the parlour, walking to Bell Street and being given cockles then spewing it all up in my dad's car on the way home!! Happy days!!

By Peter Abel
On 04/01/2017

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