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Photo:Sam Anderson? 1950s

Sam Anderson? 1950s

City of Westminster Archives Centre

By Susan Ault

My first saturday job was working on a burger stall, I remember getting up at 6 am to wait for the stall to be dropped off. I then had to help set it up and worked until the market was closing. This was all for 6 shillings. My sister also had a saturday job with Tubby Issacs eel stall.

My stepfather worked for a chap who owned a antique shop at the top of church st, near to the old offlicence.

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Although I did not work on the Church Street stalls... Could'nt wait for Saturday afternoon, 'up to the market' for a luverly dish of Cockles, oooh I can smell and taste 'em even now! Thanks for the memory of the olde days of kid growing-up in Paddington, London, W.9. Great Website for someone far from 'home.....' Thank You!

By Mary Davis Madsen -Boston Mass USA
On 30/09/2010

Oh yes Mary, you did bring back the memories. The best time of our lives right?Cheers

By Pat Roberts
On 21/10/2010

My first Saturday job was working on the stalls in the market on the handbag stall. I would pull the stall from storage in Little Church Street and set up outside the Doctors surgery. Stock was collected from one of the basement lockup's, at the end of the day everything was packed away and then I would take the stall back. It was a great time working with Mrs Crowley who also served as a dinner lady at the local school.

By Roy Farrer
On 12/08/2011

Just to pick up on Roy's comments, was Mrs Crowley's first name Gert by any chance? as when I was young growing up around Church Street, I believe my Nan worked on a handbag stall...I have fantastic memories of Church Street, Brokers the newsagents, chocolate Joe's, Ernie Noad's and West's...the best of all was the Regent Milk bar..

By Sue Bowditch (nee Crowley)
On 17/08/2011

Great memories Sue. Remember working in Ellis Bags and on the stall on Saturdays? Chocolate Joes was the place to spend your pocket money. My mum worked in Brokers and my brother was a paper boy. Regent Milk Bar - best ice cream ever.

By Wendy Tyson (nee Holliday)
On 17/09/2011

Yes, great memories Wendy. I remember getting my first pair of Green Flash trainers from Ernie Noads. Also the Co-op and my old Dad saying to me..don't forget the stamps! Every Saturday as well waiting outside Brokers along with other people for the delivery of the Evening News...

By Sue Bowditch (nee Crowley)
On 07/01/2012

Nobody has mentioned Giljays record stall for all the latest hits and all the young people who always hung around.

By terry.piggott
On 02/03/2012

My nan Ethel Jackman (Jackie) had a second hand shop in Church Street next to the Harp pub and two stalls next to the greengrocer's stall. We lived in Salisbury Street above the Harp Pub with Dorothy, Tony, Gerald, Linda and peter Rossiter. I remember broker's sweet shop, well good memories.

By linda harper/rossiter
On 29/05/2012

In 1962 (at age 12) I got my first Saturday job working for Mr. Craft at his wallpaper and paint shop on Church Street (across the street from Johnny Brokers). I had to trim the edges off the wallpaper that was purchased. Old fashioned trimming machine and lots of room for error! At Christmas he would sell toys - that was a magical time. On Sunday mornings we would load up the truck with paint and wallpaper and head off to Pettocoat Lane.

By John Sheather
On 07/06/2012

We used to live next door to you Roy Farrer! I remember Renee, Lolly, Spud and was it Maz (Marilyn?) and an older brother? The Lovelocks 19 -David Little number 18 - The Conways - Kath and Tom Holloway at number 15 - Susan Ford at number 12 - Alan Ward at number 11 (his nan Miss Nibbs further up the street - Christine and Terry Bedwell at number 9 (not there that long) - Big family at 4 - oh yes the Claytons!! I worked at Rosins the baker on Saturdays and then at Jordan's shoe department - loved Church Street Market and spent every Saturday, working or not, in the market!

By Ann Metcalfe
On 03/05/2013

Beautiful Church Street. 1993 was my first year working for Ellis bags with Jennifer, Kim, Lisa, big Joe, James and Mrs Shooter off course. Missing those delicious falafels from the stall and those lovely prawn baguettes with sliced tomato from that German lady in the cafe next to Alfie's Market. Will never forget one snowy Saturday with my purple ski bottoms standing on the stall frozen and managing to make £38 gross only to be humbled when my boss Ellis hands me over my usual £50 for the effort. A great misunderstood gentleman. A big hello to Alp, Adnan, Daniel, Jill, Ellis, Big Joe, Lisa and James. Great memories, and I still make time to walk down old memory lane annually :)

By Joe Noun
On 03/05/2013

The photograph of the gentleman at the top of the page looks like Sam Anderson.  He had two brothers George and Ben and  a sister Jessie.  The Andersons had a couple of second-hand furniture shops in Church Street in the 1950s to 1960s. Sam moved away to Sussex I believe and lived in a mansion! The Andersons were friends of my dad who had a shop at number 33 Church Street - one of their shops was next door and they also ran a stall selling fancy goods.  Does anyone remember?

By Susan Grant
On 01/07/2015

Yes I remember the Andersons, they lived at number 29 Church Street. My mum Elsie Baker and her sister Lil used to live opposite at number 24. They were best friends with Jessie and when Jessie married George James she became, yes Jessie James. They had a daughter called Janice. They moved to Kent I believe but Jessie still had her haberdashery stool in the Market until she had to give it up due to age and ill health and her niece took it over and I think Janice worked there too sometimes. The stall was still there up to a few years ago. It could well be there now.

By Valerie Jean Fletcher nee Miller
On 03/11/2016

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