Valerie Jean Fletcher

Photo:View of the Capland Street entrance and the side of Gateforth School

View of the Capland Street entrance and the side of Gateforth School

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By Valerie Jean Fletcher (nee Miller)

I was born at 165 Lisson Grove in 1947 and moved out of the area in about 1965.  The row of houses has now been pulled down and is now a block of flats.

My Nan and Grandad Baker lived on top of George Moores bicycle shop at 24 Church Street opposite Jordans department store. My Grandad's local pub was the Duke of York and my mum went to Gateforth Street School.

I remember Taylor's the sweet shop at the Lisson Grove end of Church Street and a few of the other shops - Andersons the secondhand shop, Maggies the Grocer, Dr Jacobs Surgery and Coggins Haberdashery, Ernie Noads the shop shop opposite that was Sams a little supermarket (where the old music hall used to be ) and Roisins the baker's shop. The was Murrays the butcher and a wet fish shop and on the other side of the street a Pie and Mash Shop which was knocked dow to make way for Kennett House. Church Street market took place on Saturday (it still does but it's not the same as it used to be there is no Silks the Green Grocers or Chocolate Joe's).

Most of Church Street as it was has been knocked down now what is left is from Jordans to Lisson Grove on one side and on the other from the toilets also up to Lisson Grove. The rest is new shops and flats. Just off

 Church Street used to be the Four Feathers Youth Club where we all used to meet and there was never any trouble.

It was a safe and lovely place to grow up in. Everybody knew  their neighbours and their families and we certainly had a true community spirit which sadly is missing now.

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Comments about this page

My dad and his twin brother went to Gateforth Street School. They were named Reg and Bert Waters and were born in 1926. I wonder if they knew each other?

By Gillian Waters
On 23/11/2011

Jordan's department store closed and became Alfie's Antiques Market. Church Street is still the Mecca for anyone wanting to make their own clothes. Couture fabrics are available at Joel's.

By Caroline Compton
On 11/12/2012

Hello "Dusty" Miller - where does te "Valerie" come from! Can still see you telling Miss Cook on the first day at Sarah Siddons that you were called "Jean".! Can't think of Church Street without seeing your lovely Nan sitting at her window. Take care my friend.

By Jean Blanchard (nee Walker)
On 30/05/2013

My dad had a china shop in the 50s just past the toilets where the pavement opened up as a triangle. On Saturdays he'd have a stall out next to the live eel place.

By Tony Allan
On 03/11/2016

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