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Maddy Taylor remembers

By Patricia Fallon

Old Marylebone


When sitting quiet I reminisce,

Of when I was a child

Remembering my neighbourhood

When life was not so wild


About 1949 it was

I was seven or maybe eight

When friends were friends and summers were hot

People sat talking until late


The little shops that have all gone now

Like slopers across the street

The boot shop on the corner, tassels

And the little dairy where friends were sure to meet


The little turnings such as Boyers place

Little houses all along both sides

Their doors and all the windows

Were usually opened wide


Little sweet shops were just around the corner

Where most of the sweets could be bought

For 2d or 3d a quarter

Sarsparella was my favourite drink-

That was a penny a glass – I think


Then up to the Church Streets we would go

With loads of shops with things to show

Roisins on the corner stood where hot breads and rolls were sold

I had to run them home to Gran before they got too cold


A cottage loaf my gran would like from this shop

Baby’s clothes, shawls, a lady’s top

Everything from ribbon to curtain rings

Could be bought for a few shillings plus three farthings


Sam’s the little supermarket was just along the way

With tea and sugar – their goods all on display

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My second set of grandparents Pat and Mary o'Shea married in Marylebone in the 1920s and raised their family at 7 Aybrook Street. Grandad was born there in1904. Just up the road Paddington Street gardens - still as lovely today as it was to me as a small child.

At the other end of the street beautiful spanish place. Jack Beaney's sweet shop in Blandford Street, I was a regular visitor there. I used to love walking up the Marylebone High Street. All the different smells - ground coffee, fresh fish at Macfisheries. Fresh bread in the bakery. I used to walk up Baker Street to look in the apple boutique owned by the Beatles. The arts and crafts of china was another favorite of mine. I can remember having my hair cut at the School of Hairdressing in Baker Street.

 On another occassion I was walking down luxborough street and by chance I met Lucille Ball, she was filming Lucy in London with Antony Newelly, a lovely lady. Alas now Aybrook street is now a car park.

By Gillian Waters
On 17/09/2011

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