Church Street Estate

By Georgina Colbeck

Photo:View from Kennet House

View from Kennet House

Photo:Photo taken from the top of a building in Church Street

Photo taken from the top of a building in Church Street

Len Dry

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Church Street Estate' page

Len Dry

This page was added on 17/05/2010.
Comments about this page

My Grandfather would often use the Exeter public house on occasions. I think I may have even visited it once. Is there anyone who can remember the dairy just a bit along from the pub?Possibly looking at the photo the dairy maybe where the smaller car is parked. I believe the Exeter public house is now closed down. Am I right?

By Susan Ault
On 02/07/2010

Yes it's flats now. My dad helped keep the Exeter running when I was a kid!! I remember the diary too.

By David
On 15/10/2010

I remember the Exeter very well - my mate Barbara (Freeman) and I worked there in the 70s - the cabbies and dustbin men were regulars and the British Gas football team used to drink there including the Clements.

By Anne Varney
On 21/04/2012

The Exeter used to be my local when I lived in Pool House, great old pub 'til they changed it all to one bar area, old ways and old days, rose-tinted but still best.

By Paul Marioni
On 17/01/2015

Great pub, I lived in Portman Buildings and then Pool House with 2 kids and my dear late wife Joan .... I live in Gloucester Place now after 40 years away..... walk around my old area a lot...BIG BIG changes


By Pasquale Marioni
On 26/07/2023

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