Anyone remember The Lord family?

By Tony Morrison

My Nans family, the Lords were all from the Lisson Grove area and I'm looking for anyone who may have known them. 
My dad, Tommy Morrison, lived with his mum, my Nan, at either 109 or 115 Bell Street, above the shoe repairers. He passed away a couple of years ago and I've just been given a copy of his memoirs which he wrote in about 1999, telling of his childhood in Marylebone and beyond. 
The family was pretty large as I have loads of great Uncles, one, Uncle Henry who ran a scrap metal yard in Lisson Street in the 1960's. 
My parents were divorced when I was about 8 and its a big part of my early history that missing as I didn't always see a lot of Dad over the years. His Mum moved from Bell Street at the end of the 70's but I often stayed there and had loads of friends in the area around Bell Street and Church Street when I was young. Other Uncles were Bill, Leslie, Georgie, Fred or Sugar as he was known and also Syd, or Dempsey as he was known. I also had a great Aunt Ivy. My nan, Eliza Lord, was known locally as Liley and she worked in pubs locally prior to which, she'd been a singer in the Music Hall in Church Street

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I knew Leslie Lord, he was married to Eileen Mackenzie, who came from Broadley Street, they had a son Leslie. When Eileen & Les married they lived in Burn Street, off Bell Street. Eileen was sister to my best friend Joy Mackenzie. I did meet Sugar Lord a couple of times.

By Doreen Paganini ( nee Griffiiths)
On 17/01/2014

My late mother was related to the Lord family and spoke of them fondly. I have over the years met up with Harry/ Henry (not sure which) Lord and have had business dealings with his son Ray. My mother's maiden name was Venables and her mother's name was Ellen (Lord). I would be interested to hear of any information regarding the family as my brother, who was attempting a family tree, has passed away.

John Wears

By John Wears
On 06/08/2014

I knew Bill Lord (married to Sophie). Both passed away. Their son Brian is still alive, now retired in Spain.  I believe some of his family are still in the UK; Essex?  

By Lesley
On 03/11/2016

Does anyone have information regarding Arthur and Ellen Venables who had three children. Two died ( Gwennie and Little Arthur)  from a measles epidemic in Ashmill Street in 1924. The third, my Mother Doris was born in 1926. We have a copy of Gwennies death certificate and we know where both children are buried (in a common grave at Kensal Green) but we can find nothing about Little Arthur. If anyone has any information we would be very grateful.

By John Wears
On 02/12/2020

Sugar was my mum's dad, my Grandad.  Lovely reading your account of them :-)

By Jo
On 02/12/2020

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