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Photo:Harrow Road at the junction with Edgware Road 1960.

Harrow Road at the junction with Edgware Road 1960.

City of Westminster Archives A11A4844

My life around Church Street

By Doreen Paganini

The ice cream shop in Edgware Road was named ' Alfredo's Ice Cream Parlour'. The Italian Mr. Alfredo, who owned it, and his assistant Hooch, lived in Marylebone for the best part of their lives. The Ice Cream Factory was in Broadley Street. As you all say, the best ice cream ever.

My Grandpartents moved from Circus Street (they both worked at the Western Opthalmic Hospital) about 1916 to Stalbridge Street just off Bell Street. They lived there for the next 36 years until they died. I lived there until I was 15, went to Cosway Street School until WW2 started. After evacuation I finished my education at St.Edwards R.C School in Lisson Grove then worked at Spencer, Turner & Boldero's for the next 20 Years.

My mother and her siblings went to school at Homer Row R. C. School in Marylebone Road. I loved my childhood and living in the area, poor, yes, but so many happy memories.

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I loved Marylebone and still do now.

By Gillian Waters
On 29/05/2012

Hi Doreen, we probably were at Cosway Street School at the same time. I too was evacuated. I remember we left from the school wearing paper tags with our names and other information on them. After we returned I also went to Saint Edward's in Lisson Grove.

By Patrick Kelly
On 29/06/2012

My grandparents lived in Stalbridge Street, off Bell Street. They moved there from Circus Street, they both worked for the Western Opthalmic Eye Hospital in Marylebone Road, until the children came along, all 10 of them. Later my grandfather worked for Marylebone Council Yard in Lisson Grove.

By Doreen Paganini (nee Griffiths )
On 17/01/2013

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