By having a section devoted to the people of Church Street we are hoping to recognise and appreciate the many faces who make our area so colourful and vibrant.

We have taken time out to talk to many residents about their experiences of the area and how they feel it shaped them.

From oral histories to sound bites we have gathered a unique history of the area which allows us to reach into the past and build a strong platform for the future.

Page link: A story from the grave
A story from the grave
My late fathers history
Page link: Bert Black
Bert Black
Memories of Church Street
Page link: Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin
Charlie and Church Street
Page link: Chocolate Joe
Chocolate Joe
and other residents
Page link: Doreen Paganini
Doreen Paganini
My life around Church Street
Page link: Emily Kingham
Emily Kingham
Penfold Street 1937
Page link: Former residents of Church Street
Former residents of Church Street
The people at Number 14
Page link: Gemma Bruce Roberts
Gemma Bruce Roberts
Out and about in Church Street
Page link: Jean Blanchard
Jean Blanchard
(nee Walker)
Page link: Jeannette Buckley
Jeannette Buckley
Some photo memories
Page link: Looking for people urgently.....
Looking for people urgently.....
please can anyone help
Page link: Mary Shine
Mary Shine
Market trader remembers
Page link: Patrick William Kelly (Pat Kelly)
Patrick William Kelly (Pat Kelly)
Church Street Memories
Page link: The Baker Family
The Baker Family
Photo memories of my family around Church Street
Page link: The Wilson Family
The Wilson Family
A long association with Jordan's